Participate in your workplace giving program

Many companies match donations by employees to charitable causes like City Rescue Mission.

If your employer does as well, you may be able to as much as double your impact in helping overcome homelessness, hunger and addiction in Northeast Florida. Even if you’re retired, you may still be able to take advantage of these life-changing programs. Check with your company to see if they make the match. It’s like free money for your favorite charitable causes!
Each year, thousands of employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice through workplace giving.
If City Rescue Mission is offered as a donation option in your company’s workplace giving program, please elect to support us. If not, please ask your company how you can include us.

If you are a corporate representative and would like more information about workplace giving programs and resources that we offer:

please contact us at [email protected].

Become A Monthly Partner & Join The Hope Builders Circle

Monthly giving partners are so important to our ministry!

These are people we can rely on each month to give consistently and remarkably to help meet the needs of our homeless and hurting neighbors.

There are a lot of benefits to giving monthly: it helps keep our costs down, and it gives you confidence in knowing your support is making a difference every single month. Sign up today to be a monthly partner, and give in a way that provides reliable, steady income to ensure we’re ready to care for homeless and hurting men, women and children… whenever there is a need to meet.