Overcomers Program


The Overcomers Program is established as an additional portion of the Emergency Shelter Services provided at City Rescue Mission. The sole purpose is to provide comprehensive 24-hour shelter care and services for individuals experiencing homelessness. The objective is to serve those most in need through emergency shelter services so they may become re-housed as soon as they are ready to be successful and sustainable. 

While we recognize that everyone has free will and self-determination, we want to empower those who come to us to transition into a successful, sustainable, victorious life, not enable negative, unproductive, and non-sustainable lifestyles. 

Homelessness is not merely the lack of a dwelling. This means that there are many paths by which they may be assisted in getting re-housed. Statistics show that when someone becomes situationally homeless, providing intensive assistance in helping them to become re-housed as quickly as possible dramatically increases the chances that they would remain housed and not need assistance again. 

We see several populations of individuals experiencing homelessness who will utilize these services:

  1. Short term/diversion: Some come to us experiencing situational homelessness. When they are assisted in getting back on their feet quickly, research shows that they will not experience homelessness again. 
  2. Veterans
  3. Disabled/Elderly
  4. Mental Health: Some with a mental health diagnosis are not on their medication. They need medication stabilization and medicine management, along with a housing plan which includes supportive services. 
  5. Working Poor: Overcomers provides shelter and services to enable them to save money. It also refers to rapid re-housing resources once they are ready to move. 
  6. Wants a job, but needs documents to get IDs: Casework assistant will be provided to help them with this process. 
  7. Women with children
  8. Individuals with a Substance Use Disorder: These individuals will be referred to CRM’s LifeBuilders Program for long-term residential care. 

Low-Barrier Definition:

  1. Accept people as they are
  2. No ID required for entry
  3. New to Jacksonville (No Jacksonville or Florida residency requirements) 
  4. Unaware of services in community
  5. A starting place
  6. No TB Card requirement
  7. COVID test upon entry
  8. Expectations are minimal, transparent, and reasonable
  9. Harm-reduction and trauma-informed care philosophy
  10. Clear expectations
  11. Person-centered care
  12. Life-skills classes
  13. Workforce Development Classes

Services provided:

  1. Safe shelter care
  2. Daily nutritious meals
  3. Laundry
  4. Showers
  5. Toiletry items
  6. Individualized case management and service connectivity
  7. Employment placement opportunities
  8. Housing referral
  9. Community activities
  10. Social activities
  11. Outdoor recreation area
  12. Spiritual activities
  13. Visitors may visit outside during visiting hours. 


Bed Capacity

  • 24 Women’s Beds
  • 22 Men’s Beds

3 Family Rooms