Charis Chocolates

Charis Chocolates

CHARIS Chocolates is an entrepreneurial venture of City Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization providing social services in northeast Florida. All net proceeds go directly to help the hungry, hurting, homeless and addicted.   Our name CHARIS is Greek for grace, which means gratitude, unearned kindness, and a free gift and undeserved from God.  We operate our Mission on the Grace Model and believe that as each of us is given grace, we are to in-turn give grace to our fellow man.


CHARIS Chocolates are a unique blend using European and American chocolates that are time tested. Our chocolate suppliers began as early pioneers in creating fine chocolate. They only use the finest quality ingredients and techniques. Our exceptional blends offer a velvety milk chocolate, luxuriant, self-indulgent dark chocolate, and sweet and creamy white chocolate. We provide home-made, high-quality, personalized, and distinctive chocolate treats for a most wonderful taste sensation.

Chocolate Bars (Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate) 
These can be personalized with your company logo!

Homemade Chocolate Chunk Brownies (Add pecans or brickle)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies (Add walnuts or pecans)

CHARIS Chocolate Trio (Includes milk, dark, and white chocolate)



CHARIS Chocolates partners with companies to offer unique treats for customers and clients. Whether it is a customized chocolate bar with your company logo, or our brownies or cookies being sold in your establishment; all benefits go back to help the homeless, needy, and addicted in Jacksonville.

You can currently find our treats at the following restaurants:




If you are interested in ordering CHARIS Chocolates for your company or selling our products in your establishment, please contact: