Crossroads Program

Safe, Structured Recovery for the Good of All

The Crossroads Program at City Rescue Mission is dedicated to providing the highest quality, residential, community-based prison diversion services.

We address holistic issues from an individualized, mental health perspective in a structured environment that is safe for residents and community alike. The goal is for program participants to successfully return to society as productive citizens who lead a substance-free lifestyle.

High quality
Safe environment
Culturally competent
Change in thinking

The Crossroads approach addresses all areas of life: social, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are committed to helping our residents reach the personal growth and wholeness they desire. Confidentiality is maintained in each situation.

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For more information contact our Crossroads program manager:
Kari McCall: [email protected]

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Crossroads Graduate

I joined the Army and had three deployments. On a routine mission we were attacked and my Humvee blew-up. I was injured and then given a medical discharge. This was devastating because I had planned on being in active duty for a full career. The depression and PTSD led to self-medicating with drugs. I was arrested for a DWI and given a choice of going to CRM’s Crossroads program or serving time in jail.
I’m so glad I chose Crossroads. In the program I learned my triggers and coping skills. I enjoyed the groups and counseling and learned patience. This place is like a big family with a lot of camaraderie, where I could be open about my feelings and get support. I am reconnecting with my family and now that I have graduated, I want to give back and help other veterans like me.

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