“I Feel Like A New Creation”

Tony was one of six children raised by his single mother and his grandmother. He didn’t have a lot of supervision growing up and was often left to fend for himself – so he turned to the streets.

“I got involved with the wrong crowd. I was just trying to fit in, but I saw and experienced a lot of hard things. My lifestyle led to drug addiction.”

Despite his difficult childhood and struggles with addiction, Tony got a job and was able to support himself. At just 37 years old he had a stroke. He was no longer able to care for himself. The loss of independence took an emotional toll on Tony.

“It felt like I lost part of myself, and I was grieving that. It was painful, and I thought drugs would take away the pain.” Tony’s drug use escalated as he tried to self-medicate, and he became homeless. He had been to City Rescue Mission before, so when he needed help and hope, it was an easy decision.

“I knew the Mission was where I needed to go to find myself again and get closer to the Lord. I was spiritually lost and needed refuge. They welcomed me without judgment.”

Tony joined our recovery program and began attending classes, counseling, chapel services and Bible studies. He started serving as part of our housekeeping team. Our staff and other guests gave him a support network of accountability to make sure he attended his doctor’s appointments, counseling sessions, and classes. With their support, Tony overcame his addiction, began to heal, and got his life back in order. Now, Tony is excited about his future. His family is proud of him. He’s saving money and is looking forward to living independently again.

Tony’s grateful to the Mission for opening the door to him again. Through your faithful prayers and financial support, Tony’s life has been transformed. “Now I look in the mirror and like what I see. I feel like a new creation. I have hope.”

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