“From a Dark Place”

Before coming to City Rescue Mission, I was in a very dark place. I had been in a dark place since I was 15 years old. By that time, I had already been in many abusive relationships and was on my own, due to being abandoned by my parents at a very early age. I didn’t know how to do anything but be in toxic relationships with men and I had an addiction to drugs.

I went into foster care at the age of 17 after the birth of my daughter. I aged out at 18, leaving my child behind at the foster home. I couldn’t be the mother that she needed, due to my addiction to cocaine.

I came to City Rescue Mission twice – first in 2011 and the second time in 2014. I was exposed to Christianity as a child, but I resented it because of the abuse in my family. I was abused by the same person that forced me to go to church every Sunday, so that relationship was tainted. The first time that I came to the Mission, I graduated, but I went back into the area from where I was rescued. I didn’t apply the tools that I was taught and repeated the same behaviors as before. I was living in a crack house and was in another abusive relationship with a drug dealer.

The second time that I came to the Mission, I had met a man that I knew from the streets. He seemed healthier and happy from when we first met and he told me that he had gone through the program and was working for City Rescue Mission. He gave me a card for one of the RA’s and told me to call her if I decided that I was ready to get help. The very next day, the house that I was staying in was raided by the police and I had nowhere to go. I got on my knees and prayed, pulled out the card and called the Mission. They came and got me and I went into LifeBuilders for the second time.

I was ready to grow up this time. I had a taste of living the drug-free live. I was taught that I can do this, with the help of others and with my belief in Jesus Christ. I now have faith in myself and in Christ. Five years later, I am in my own place and I work every day at a job at Humana Pharmacy.

Coming to the Mission has changed my life because I have peace. I am happy and I value myself. I am working to mend my relationships with my children. My daughter is 22 and my son is 18, and I believe that Christ will restore my family.

I am most grateful to the City Rescue Mission for showing me grace and showing me the meaning of grace. Everything about the City Rescue Mission is awesome!

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