Jacksonville University Students Flex to Feed those in Need

Flex to FeedHave you ever wondered what happens to unused flex bucks at Universities around the country? Flexbucks are cash value credit available to purchase meals and flexbucks do not roll over at the conclusion of the semester. Many students frivolously spend their remaining flex bucks at the campus convenience store where they shop until they drop! Students at Jacksonville University however, decided to make better use of their remaining flex bucks and give to those in need. “Flex to Feed,” a campus organization was started by a recent graduate, Sable Lee, in 2015 after seeing all the flex bucks going to waste. “A lot of my friends would complain about having around $200 worth of flex bucks and they would waste their money on useless stuff like Gatorade to bring back to their homes for the summer,” stated Sable Lee. This semester, Sable and her peers united the university to put their remaining flex, to feed those in need. “The student involvement was incredible, from JU Athletics, Faculty and Staff, Greek Life, everyone on campus contributed in some way, either through a physical contribution or by spreading the word,” according to Lee.

13099089_1563874270573631_1425499753_n(1)In just two days, “Flex to Feed” collected over $3700 worth of food, and beverages to assist City Rescue Mission’s efforts to serve those in need in the Jacksonville community.

JU students hope that students attending other colleges would catch the Flex to Feed vision of helping the poor and hungry in this way so these dollars may be used to help others.