Donation Guidelines

We appreciate every donation and recognize the trust you have placed in us to help others. We work diligently to redeem your donation for the maximum value to support the work of Jacksonville Area Rescue Ministries.  Every $2 in proceeds from the sales of donated items help to provide a meal for a guest at our mission.

We accept gently-used household items

  • Clothing & Linens: Washed, no tears, no stains, no mildew, no strong odors from cigarettes, pets or moth-balls. Please fold clothing and put in clean garbage bags.
  • Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses, Area Rugs: No significant tears or stains, no mildew or strong cigarette/pet odors.
  • Wood or Solid Furniture: Not broken or badly dented or water damaged, not missing any vital parts. Minor dents or scratches are acceptable. Desks maximum size is 4′ wide x 2′ deep. Entertainment centers are acceptable if they can be repurposed as wardrobe or pantry and must have doors (glass or wood) that hide the TV shelf and other shelves.
  • Televisions: Still in good working condition, max size of 36”, less than 5 years old, no missing knobs or buttons. Minor dents or scratches are acceptable.
  • Electronics: Stereo components and speakers.
  • Appliances: Examples include refrigerators, stoves, washers/dryers, microwave ovens. Still working, no missing knobs or buttons. Minor dents or scratches are acceptable.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Toys, tools, music instruments, knickknacks, books (not school textbooks), magazines, artwork, computers, clean area rugs, dishes, pots/pans, shoes, antiques, and jewelry. Please put small items in stackable boxes with lids or flaps that close.

We cannot accept the following items for our stores.

  • Anything that is wet from rain or floods, etc. or otherwise damaged as noted above.
  • Combustible fuel in any tanks or containers
  • Console TVs or stereos
  • Child car-seats
  • Baby cribs with a sliding side rail
  • Building materials, including paint and carpet remnants
  • Auto parts (including tires)
  • Built-in appliances, including dishwashers
  • Gas appliances
  • Pianos or organs
  • Slate-top pool tables
  • Safety helmets, including baseball, football, and cycling helmets
  • Toilets
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Water beds

You can help us reduce our expenses by allowing us to decline some items that we cannot sell in our stores. You can also help us by disposing of broken items with your trash or recycling or hazardous waste service.

You may call to request a donation pickup if you have large items or a large quantity of small items.