City Rescue Mission’s McDuff Avenue campus is home to the LifeBuilders Addiction Recovery Program.


LifeBuilders is available to anyone facing a life-controlling addiction.


gradsMany homeless suffer from some form of addiction.  For this reason, City Rescue Mission has a strong focus on its recovery programs. City Rescue Mission’s McDuff Avenue campus is home to the LifeBuilders Addiction Recovery Program.  LifeBuilders is available to anyone facing a life-controlling addiction.  LifeBuilders is a Bible-based, residential, transformation program and is Jacksonville’s only non-denominational Christian, long-term residential recovery program. Participants in the LifeBuilders Program live at the McDuff campus for approximately 18 months, making a commitment to abide by all requirements which will ultimately enable them to rediscover how to care for themselves and their families.

Our students participate in a full range of education and recovery services. Each person receives individual assessment and a recommended specific program plan based on his or her needs.

The national rate for the successful recovery and rehabilitation of addiction is 27%.


The success rate for participants of the LifeBuilders Program through City Rescue Mission is over 70%.


CRM is making a substantial difference in the lives of so many because of the generosity and prayer support of volunteers and donors.


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LifeBuilders Success Stories

Just a few of the many life changing stories with the City Rescue Mission’s LifeBuilders Addiction Recovery Program.

Michelle's Story

Michelle was born locally in Jacksonville. Her upbringing might mirror that of many people, coming from a loving home.

As I got older, my parents wanted me to live on my own. So they bought me a car, and they paid half of my rent. It went on that way until I was 38. My mother was told she was enabling me and so my parents cut me off completely. That’s when I ended up on the street, and my drug addiction got worse. I did cocaine, crack, heroin and heavier drinking. She spent almost a decade of her life living on the streets. “I was crashing in people’s homes or hotel rooms all around Philips Highway for nine years. Wherever I could flop my head.”

“I’m so grateful to City Rescue Mission, because they introduced me to God. How huge is that?! They made me discover that I’m worth something. They helped me to understand that God loves me for who I am. They opened a door to my life so I could simply live.”

Doris' Story

I knew I was in the right place as soon as I arrived at City Rescue Mission, but I traveled a rough road in my life to get here. I grew up in a small town in Georgia as the seventh of nine kids in a two bedroom, one bathroom house. My father passed away when I was two-years-old, and my siblings and I were raised by a single mother who worked all of the time to provide for us.

It was during my time in Atlanta that I met the man who would father my first child. During our relationship, I started smoking crack, and we were together for twelve years before I ended up pregnant. Once my son was born, I went back out once again to hang out with people and do drugs.

City Rescue Mission has meant everything to me. My prayer is to find a job in Jacksonville and stay in town. God has brought me through everything. God will never leave me, and when I leave here I will stand on His promises.

Clyde's Story

Clyde Stanley is a born and bred Florida native. Originally from Fort Pierce, Stanley and his family migrated to Miami where he lived until the age of 14 when they moved to the First Coast. “We moved to Jacksonville when my mother noticed the trouble starting in my life.” At that time Stanley was entering high school, but decided to skip classes from day one.

“I went straight to the streets,” he remembers. “Smoking crack, to me, was a better use of my time and whatever money I had. Over those years I served six separate times in prison.” Stanley finally ended his career in prison as a habitual offender in May 2010.

If it hadn’t been for God putting those people, and City Rescue Mission as a whole, on the tracks of my life at the time they were there, then my life would’ve most certainly derailed. ‘Grateful’ doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.

De’Morris' Story

De’Morris led a middle-class, conventional life until her baby brother went to prison for shooting someone. Her family was devastated, and she lost hope. Crack cocaine seemed like the answer, even though she was three months’ pregnant with her third child the first time she smoked it. “I was already weak and vulnerable,” she says. “I started getting high all the time.”

De’Morris self-medicated with drugs and alcohol for 10 years. At one point, her whole family staged an intervention. She agreed to enter treatment at another local rehab program, but the waiting list was long, and she lost interest before a bed became available. “I wasn’t ready for myself,” she explains.

The counseling she received at CRM was the most valuable component of the program for De’Morris. “By coming here, I was able to get rid of a lot of hurt, stuff that I didn’t realize was inside of me,” she reflects. “I learned how to forgive others.”