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God’s Design for a Fruitful Life

In his book Acts 29, Dr. Terry Teykl recounts how the mayor of a small town was driving through the city square when he noticed two city workers doing something rather unusual.


A little creativity can go a long way, and scientist Art Fry’s clever discovery proves it.  Every Sunday he would mark the pages of a hymnal with bits of paper before singing in the church choir, and they would always fall all over the floor.  One day he remembered an adhesive developed by a colleague that everyone thought was a failure because it didn’t stick very well.  He found that coating the adhesive on a paper sample not only made a good bookmark, but was great for writing notes too.  And so the Post-It! was born.

What could a little thinking “outside the box” do for your future?  Did you know you can add an “adopted child” to your Will to support an organization you love, like City Rescue Mission?  Psalm 103:17 says, “But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him; and His righteousness to children’s children…”God Himself is a wonderful example of faithfully providing for future generations.  In fact, He’s the biggest “outside the box” Thinker of them all!

Ready to think outside the box?

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