Spring 2015 Life Builder Graduate’s Testimony


I came to CRM because my life took a detour quickly out of control due to setbacks, heartbreaks, missed opportunities and a lost desire for goals and dreams.  I self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, women and the street hustle.  The LifeBuilder program has helped me to restore my dreams, goals, and relationships. I am employed at GC Services as an Account Representative for student loans collections.  I’m an active member at my home church. I plan to return to refereeing youth league football games in the summer and attend Florida State College in fall for Accounting Technology Specialist.  God is good.  He loved me even when I didn’t love myself in my mess.  He blessed me with another chance to get it right.  He has returned my smile to share with all.


De’ Morris

I was scared to die in the streets.  I wasn’t safe in my own home…tired of my lifestyle…not being a friend, a daughter, or a mother to my three children; especially, my only daughter.  I wanted to live and restore my relationship with my family and dear friends.   Since coming to CRM, I am on the right path.  I’m currently employed with Goodwill of Northeast Florida with benefits.  I am a member of Shiloh Metropolitan Church and the proud grandmother to my first grandchild, Rico.  God has given me restoration with my family and respected friends.  He has given me hope to live my life sober and clean.



I got tired of living the life I was living.  A life under the bridge, drinking 7 days a week….  A lady told me about the program.  May 22nd was the best day of my life.

My reading has improved.  Life is good!  I have had a 180 degree change.  I graduated from Clara White Janitorial and Construction School and God blessed me to work at Baptist Hospital in their ER Discharge department as a janitor.  I also attend Genesis Baptist Church.

God has given me good self-esteem that I didn’t think I had. Ask God to help you and he will.